Ive been stuck in bed since Saturday and it’s been a real blast.


The last time I was THIS sick was back in high school, I think, when I got trangkaso or high fever for a couple of days. I had to go to the doctor and take disgusting medicine. And of course there’s the general discomfort and tonsil pain and joint pain and loss of taste and appetite and did I mention my tonsils are swollen to the size of the Titanic? I have to whisper because talking HURTS. Which isn’t helping me at all because I go back to teaching in two days.

As much as I’d like to just rest the whole day tomorrow, I can’t because I’ve got work to do and no one will take my place.

In happier news, I went shopping for clothes and accessories yesterday. I think I gave a whole new meaning to shop till you drop because I dropped sick as soon as I got home. Anyway, hooray for bonus gift checks.

And I finally finished Fragile Things. Neil Gaiman’s brain is whoa. There are no words to describe it.


2 thoughts on “Sick

  1. I stopped whispering because it was just plain weird hahaha. I gargled warm water with salt and then had tons of lemon-ginger tea, so my throat’s all better now. Thanks, Luis! Have fun there in Korea! 🙂


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