For a TED fan like me, missing out on being able to attend a live TED event is quite depressing, but that’s exactly what’s happening right now for me. I had my whole day today planned out for more than a month already, but here I am, stuck at home, typing away while listening to my crappy TEDxDiliman livestream in the background. It’s Benjamin De La Pena right now, by the way, talking about the future of Metro Manila.

Lesson learned from The Future of Metro Manila talk by Benjamin De La Pena: The city is about the people. “The future of Metro Manila depends on the people, not the government alone.”

Thank goodness for the internet. I can still have my TEDxDiliman from the comforts of my distant home.

Now, off to watch some more as I try to get well enough to have at least ONE plan this weekend push through: check out the Manila International Book Fair at the Mall of Asia Convention Center tomorrow. I got four free passes to the MIBF. I only needed one. 🙂 I’ve no idea how I’m gonna get there, but there’s nothing a determined person can’t do.


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