MIBF 2012 book haul

Back from the 33rd Manila International Book Fair. It was cramped, but it was okay because everywhere you looked, there were books. 🙂


As soon as I entered I saw the.National Book Store booth, and it was HUGE! It was the largest booth in the fair. Not to mention the most cramped. It wasn’t my first stop, though. I wanted to go to the University of the Philippines Press first to get a copy of the Likhaan Anthology of Philippine Literature in English from 1900 to the Present, which, if I had to get from NBS would have been more expensive. I started looking for the UP Press booth but stumbled upon the Scholastic booth instead. It was tinier than I had expected, which was very disappointing. I browsed through their teacher references section and sale bin and left with two books for future classroom use.

I resumed my search for the UP Press booth and finally found it. Turns out it was very near the NBS booth all along. I started scouring their shelves for the anthology and came across Vicente Garcia Groyon’s The Sky Over Dimas, which was recommended to me by a friend. I got that one instead since my search proved futile. When I went to the cashier, I asked them if they had the anthology I wanted. It turns out that they did, and it was the last copy they had. You’ll have to imagine the huge smile on my face when I heard that. I paid for both books and proceeded to my last stop, NBS.

Two goals: Trese, which is a series of locally made graphic novels, and Iron Legends, which my sister wanted me to buy for her. The former I found after squeezing through all the bodies in that booth, but the latter I failed to find there and even in the next booth, Fully Booked. I promised my sister I’d get it for her next time when it was available.

Since I got all the books I wanted, I decided to head on home. Two of my friends were there, too, but I decided not to wait for them. They both lived in the metro while I lived in the province, so I needed to leave earlier than them.

The traffic out of the Mall of Asia area was horrible and the rain made it worse. But I got to my bus in one piece so that’s ll I’ll say about it.

Overall I’m happy with my purchases. I was under budget by P77.50, so I’m really happy about today. I can’t wait to start reading, but I’ll have to because I have work for tomorrow to finish.

This was one beautiful day. 🙂


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