Birthday Wishlist 2012

I’m turning a year older in a little over a month and it’s time for my annual tradition of posting my wishlist. It’s really just for kicks, but if any of you wanna send me an item from this list, then GO RIGHT AHEAD. 😀


I’m an old soul at heart, and while I can’t live without modern technology, I also can’t live without old school sentimentality. I would dearly love a handwritten letter from that guy I like anybody, snail-mailed with a traditional stamp.


I need a new bag please, but good leather bags are too expensive. I would like a satchel bag, but any decent casual, not-too-marmy leather bag will do.


Please. (It’s on my Amazon wishlist, which I made just for the lit theory book and this beauty over here.)

4. A year’s supply of black, blue, and pink pens. My pens always end up being snatched away by someone or borrowed and then never returned or I just am such a klutz with small office supplies.

5. BOOKS (or a shopping spree inside Fully Booked will do.)

6. a macbook pro 13″ sleeve.

7. a macbook pro mini-dvi to vga adapter (because i ordered the wrong adapter *toink*)

8. Theo and Philo’s dark chocolate with green mango and salt

9. All of Incubus’s and Brandon Boyd’s albums after Light Grenades. And the Make Yourself album. CDs PLEASE!!!

10. to win the lottery

11. new clothes and accessories and shoes

12. free dinner at Wingman and Cyma

13. flat abs again to have enough money saved up for some ME time again before the christmas rush

14. hardbound copies of Wicked and Son of A Witch (I have the last two books in the series in hardbound)


that LitCrit reference book we used in college. That was a MASSIVE book. I WANT IT. //edit AND I FOUND IT ON AMAZON!

16. to not have diabetes (annual physical exam earlier this year cleared me, but I’m getting paranoid)

17. A Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf branch near my place so I can have their eggs benedict and Moroccan Mint tea latte whenever I want.

18. Individual birthday shout outs from all the members of Incubus.

19. to go back to teaching middle school English

20. For my family to be safe and healthy for a long long time.

I’ll keep the number to 20 things I want… for now. I always manage to come up with more as soon as I hit the Publish button.


Seeeeeeee. I have another one.

21. a 1TB external hard drive. I want one of those tiny portable TB hard drives and not the bulky ones that you actually have to plug in a socket to get to work.


Cupcakes by Sonja

Lemon drop, chocolate, peanut butter, red velvet. BOX OF 4 PLEASE.


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