Stream of consciousness

My mind has this tendency to wander around aimlessly and ponder things both mundane and radical. And it’s a pain to have to try and shut down my brain because the thoughts come so fast that they’re all jumbled up inside and I end up confused and mixed up and my emotions begin to reflect my jumbled mess of thoughts.

More often than not I find myself daydreaming of things that had happened in the past and things I could still do and things that I want to do but don’t know how to achieve given my meager resources. My creative juices have decided to pour itself all over irrelevant things such as what to give my baby for our Kris Kringle during the “long and hard” themed week.

This is supposed to be stream of consciousness post but it’s much harder than it looks/is for me because, like I said, my brain’s all to jumbled up that I have to untangle my thoughts before I can even type down one coherent thought.

I just really needed to write.

I look back on my past journal entries to see if my writing has grown or to see if I myself have grown and more often than not I find that I’ve been a tad bit too melodramatic. Or maybe that’s just me being too hard on myself yet again.

All I know is this: I like writing even if I’m the only one who can make sense of what I write.


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