Here’s my overachiever former student talking about meeting the Obamas. What an amazing experience. 😀

diversity in discourse

One thing most people don’t know is how much of a ruckus the post-debate setting is. The town-hall setting of the most recent one at Hofstra University didn’t help in alleviating the commotion – in fact, it took the Obamas and the Romneys thrice the amount of time (and probably thrice the security) to leave the sports auditorium where the debate was held. While Secret Service was clamoring to get their VIPs out of the venue, I was beating my way through the throngs of undecided voters to get my transcripts, notes, and documentation to Candy Crowley and our NBC correspondents in time for the fact-checking meetings (I find the need for these meetings alarming, but that’s another story). “Anals” was the word my co-workers chose, truncating the word ‘analysis’ because in news, shorter is always better.

Ten minutes after the debate ended my direct superior, Chuck, informed me that…

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