Sembreak 2012

I’m off to the city in a bit to run some errands and check in at the hotel my friend and I are staying in prior to our flight tomorrow. We’re both from the outskirts of the metro, so we decided that staying in a hotel closer to the airport would be more convenient and a great way to kickstart our vacation.



Beautiful Coron. [Photo borrowed. Click image to go to source.]

I can’t wait. 🙂

[I just hope that by the time we land tomorrow afternoon, the skies will have cleared up.]


Sembreak fun part 2:

The weekend after I get back from Coron will have me going back to the city for the last of my Jane Austen book club meetings. We’ve decided to do it with a bang, so we’re checking in at a two-bedroom suite at The Malayan Plaza Hotel in Ortigas for an overnight stay doing nothing but eat, drink wine, and, of course, talk about Pride and Prejudice and Persuasion, our two favorite Austen novels.

If everything goes well, then this will, by far, be the best sembreak in my life. 🙂


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