A Secret Affair (2012)

No, this is not a movie review.

I hated and I still hate to admit it but I was thoroughly entertained. Mind you, the plot was still pretty simple, and it had cheesy lines and subpar acting from the main actor (the actresses were all amazing, though), but there was really nothing so entertaining as hearing amazing comeback lines delivered with such ferocity as done by the two ladies fighting over that one man and by the mother of Raffy (Anne Curtis) played by Jaclyn Jose.

And then after the movie all I could think of was how fantastic the lines were despite the fact that they were a bit campy and cheesy and palengkera. What did it say about me if I found enjoyment in lines that put down people? I would never intentionally put down someone or verbally abuse them, but I also thought “Would I be able to hold back my supposedly razor-sharp tongue if any of my loved ones were hurt?” Some people believe I’d be able to lash out, but I’m the type of person who keeps quiet when confronted with anything, which is why I honestly don’t know at this point what I might do or say because I’ve thankfully never been put in that position.

I got to thinking then about the quality of relationships now. I’m blessed because I’m surrounded by people who are in loving and faithful relationships, but I also know people who’ve gone through some terrible things in their relationships. How is it that people, who, at one point in their lives, loved each other so much, can just finally find themselves torn apart by someone else? The sad things is that this seems to have become so common that nobody is surprised anymore if word gets out that there was a third party in so-and-so’s relationship. How did that happen? When did that happen?


Relationships are confusing.


2 thoughts on “A Secret Affair (2012)

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