Random Opinions

I’m pushing the words here because they’re not coming out of me as I want to. Here’s a smattering of opinions on various subjects.


Someone tweeted that James Bond in this movie was a hero and an exploiter of a sex traffic victim. And that just blew my mind. I agree with everybody who said that this was one of the best Bond movies, but that little tweet sort of ruined it for me. And now as I’m thinking about it some more, Bond always manages to get the women he sleeps with killed. There were Teri Hatcher’s and Gemma Arterton’s characters that were killed after having flirted and/or slept with the hero. (And I mention their characters only because they were the only actresses whose names I can remember.)

And all that tells me now is that if girls want to stay alive, they better stay away from the men who can easily charm their panties off.


Benedict Cumberbatch’s Sherlock was almost robotic, but Jonny Lee Miller’s seemed more human and in touch with his emotions (and more expressive however secretly he does so).

Lucy Liu does pretty solid work as Joan Watson, but I keep expecting her to break out her nunchucks and whip some serious killer’s ass.

IRENE ADLER IS MENTIONED!!! (Do you think Sir Arthur Conan Doyle gave her that last name because she’s the only one who could, so to speak, addle his brain?)

No sign of Moriarty, though, which makes me think if they’ll ever bring him in given that Sherlock’s no longer in England.

I really want Lucy Liu to do some martial arts here, but that would be out of character.


Amy Sherman-Palladino (former writer of Gilmore Girls) + Kelly Bishop (a.k.a. Grandmother Gilmore) + Sutton Foster (tall brunette who talks fast  and makes jokes and pop culture references like Lorelai Gilmore) + ballet = Gilmore Girls with ballet

This show reminds me too much of the Gilmore Girls but with ballet, which isn’t to say that I did not enjoy this because I did… IMMENSELY.


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