Reasons Why Teachers Should Teach in XSN

This was originally a list of reasons why colleagues from XSSJ should transfer to XSN, but I suppose this works as well for teachers who are looking for schools to apply to. The writing in this post has taken a very informal tone especially in the part where I talk about my colleagues because they are family already, and it’s hard to maintain a formal tone when talking about them.

  1. Fresh air. Development has caught up with the south, and more people are relocating here. As such, commercial establishments are popping up everywhere. The beauty of living in the south is that there are still places that developers have committed to keeping green. Nuvali, for instance, will be fully developed in a few years, but the promise to keep the area clean and green is solid. Residents and neighbors have taken to the Nuvali roads for their runs and bicycle rides. The only congested area is the Greenfield intersection, which, by comparison to Metro Manila, may still be considered relatively “clean” by Manileños.
  2. Great views and surroundings. We’ve got great views of Mt. Makiling and the Tagaytay Highlands. We’ve got trees, and more trees (soon to be planted as soon as we can).
  3. Cooperative and generous parents. This is one thing that XS Nuvali has in common with XSSJ–the wonderful support of the parents when it comes to their child’s growth and development. As for the school activities, the parents are also there to support the school. We’ve had a parent plan an animal show for the students, parents initiating plans to support the GIA students, parents giving more than what is expected during the relief goods drive during the Sendong flooding and I could go on and on.
  4. The best bosses around.
  5. The best colleagues around.
  6. People share food ALL THE TIME.
  7. You get fatter and healthier (in my case that’s a good thing), or you lose weight (which is the case for everybody else; perfect for those trying to lose that extra five pounds).
  8. We’re all happy people.
  9. You get to save money.
  10. You have time to read a book.

NOTE: Numbers 4 and 5 had super long bullet entries so I decided to cut them out and put them in a separate post also.


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