The Novelty of Nuvali

If there’s one thing that you’ll hear our teachers say time and again, it is that we are tired. The work involved in running a school in its first year is taxing and exhausting and draining. We are slaves to our lesson plans and students and slideshow presentations. We are slaves to the education of our children. We are slaves to excellence.

And you know what? We wouldn’t have it any other way.

(Well, if you could throw in a faculty lounge and a simple prayer room, we’re all set.)

Our students are all eager to learn especially the new language that we offer in our curriculum, Chinese. Our parents are cooperative, our school grounds massive, our community helpers all friendly and diligent. We are blessed. So, yes, the work we have to do may be herculean, but our hearts are never heavy.

I wonder now how long this will last. The novelty of Xavier School Nuvali can only be valid for a few years while we are still completing our level offerings, and the sense of wonder and excitement that comes with the newness of something wears off eventually. But if our experiences this school year are any indication of things to come in the near and distant future, then that excitement will remain even when the novelty is gone, and people–both educators and students–will no doubt come in droves.

On this note, I list in my next post my top reasons why my colleagues in XS San Juan should consider getting themselves transferred to XSN.


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