I love Blogthings. It’s my guilty pleasure website. I don’t really like gossip, and while I appreciate fashionable things, they don’t really do anything much for me. Blogthings, however, is my  go-to place when I feel out of touch with myself and I just want to chill.

Today was a pretty slow day, but it being a Sunday, that was pretty much to be expected. I caught up on some of my shows, ate a lot of bread, played Coin Dozer (and consequently became brain-dead in the awesomest of ways), went blog-hopping, creeped on people on Facebook, and yes, I went on Blogthings.

The personality quizzes and name generators on that site are pretty cool if you ask me. I love it when the results seem to be so spot on, but even when they seem to be off even a bit, I still find some truth not in the results themselves per se, but in how I react to them. I learn a bit more of myself even when I feel the results aren’t accurate because I am stopped in my tracks and reflect on why I think I’m not like what the results say I am. And that leads me to a bit more knowledge of myself.

And just because I feel like sharing, here are some of the quiz results I got during my recent visit to the site: (you can click on the images to take the quizzes)

blogthings 01 blogthings 2

blogthings 3


One thought on “Blogthings

  1. Hi! I wrote all of the quizzes on Blogthings, and I’m so glad you enjoy my site. Please let me know if there is anything I can do to improve it. In the future, I’m hoping to make sharing on WordPress easier, because I love this platform 🙂


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