Not funny

Dear world,

I know I’ve been thinking about relationships more lately, but this really isn’t what I had in mind about my own “meet-cute.” For one thing, it’s not cute; it’s creepy.

fb chat

Before the first message in the picture he said “hi,” and I said “hello?” so don’t you go thinking I replied just because I got a compliment.

Well, creepy or not, a compliment is a compliment, so to the creepy stranger who messaged me, thanks, but I’d rather not be bothered by you or anybody else like you again.


Oh, I totally laughed at how he corrected himself on the “I’ll be” but missed out on the “sweetcheecks.” The effort was much appreciated, yes, but overall it was still one big fail.

WORLD. I hate you.

//edit April 1

He turned out to be a pervert. WORLD… Why?!


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