A-Z Challenge: downloading books

I have a confession to make: I’m a bit of a purist and traditionalist at heart. Give me a film adaptation of a novel I love and I’d be one of the first to point out and lament the inaccuracies and changes made to the story or characters. I was one of the people who said ebooks are not real books and preferred the bulk of a hardbound to the portability of a Kindle.

But the operative word there is “was.” I stuck my nose up at people who had a Kindle in their hand and proudly brought out MY paperback of whatever it was I was reading at the moment. That is, until I got my own Kindle for Mac, and I discovered that I could download classics for free (yeah, I have a thing for the oldies. told you I was a traditionalist). I ate my own words and succumbed to technology. No way was I going to be rendered obsolete and irrelevant, especially if I wanted to bring my love of reading to my students. It would not help my campaign for my students to read more if they knew of my (initial) disdain for ebook readers, which they might prefer (them being a tech-savvy generation after all).

My eyes, due to the strain of reading with a flashlight in my youth, have deteriorated to the point that even with eye glasses, I could not stare at a paperback or my computer for prolonged periods of time. It was sad. I considered audiobooks for a while, but I figured it would take the fun out of imagining the characters talk. I therefore stuck with my paperbacks and PDFs and Kindle books.

I honestly still prefer the old-fashioned paperback, but I find I’m no longer against the idea of downloading books and reading them through the use of a gadget. And one reason I still haven’t actually BOUGHT an ebook is that I know I’ll never stop once I’ve started. 🙂


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