A-Z Challenge: Identity

Identity is tricky. If it’s true that we know ourselves best, why is it that there are a lot of stories where the protagonist is searching for himself/herself? Why is the search for one’s identity so fascinating to both writers and readers? And even if, at the beginning, the character isn’t out to discover who s/he is, in the end there’s usually a discovery or a self-realization of some sort.


2 thoughts on “A-Z Challenge: Identity

  1. You raise a universal existential question Reeyah! There is no short answer – but I guess we change continually; our idea of identity changes as we traverse the passages of life, we give up old ideas which were our places of comfort, and we’re challenged to find out who we really are. Know Thyself: The Oracle at Delphi … the hardest thing in the world to do!


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