A-Z Challenge: Nancy Drew

I have nothing new to write, so here’s an old writing exercise for one of my writing classes in college. And yes, it’s about Nancy Drew. (Can’t believe I wrote this about ten years ago.)

Trying to write about yourself is extremely hard. You don’t want to come off sounding extremely conceited, but you want to tell everybody what you are like. You don’t know if you want to sound witty and funny, or thoughtful and inspiring. But the hardest part is deciding what it is about yourself that you want to write about.

Alas, this is the case with me. My mind is a blank, my ego the size of a peanut, and my imagination a dull gray. And so I’ve decided to write about something I like, and hope that by the end, this will look like a write-up.

I used to be such a Nancy Drew junkie when I was a kid. I loved her since I got my first Nancy Drew Case Files book. I forgot what it was all about, but from then on I have bought every Nancy Drew book I wanted when I had the money. I read all her books in our library, and I borrowed all of my friends’ books. Whether it was the old hardbound stories or the latest paperback ones, I read them all.

I’d even imagine myself friends with Nancy (yes, we were on a first name basis .) and that I helped her solve mysteries. I’d be on exciting adventures with Nancy, Bess and George. We’d go to exotic places, have escapades where we’d narrowly escape death, kick bad guys’ butts, and even fall in love. Whenever I read Nancy Drew and Hardy Boys Super Mysteries I would imagine that Nancy and Frank would dump their respective partners and go together. Or, on my wilder daydreams, Frank would dump his girlfriend for me.

I don’t know particularly why I liked Nancy drew and her adventures. Maybe it’s because I was so unlike her. She’s tall, pretty, smart, and skillful. She’s modest, daring, brave, friendly, famous, and even rich. Me? I was (still am) short, average looking, and a bit cowardly. In my mind, she was someone perfect, someone who I wanted to be. Everything she was, everything she had — I wanted it. Don’t get me wrong; I wasn’t in the least bit jealous of her (I had enough sense not to be jealous of a fictional character). I “adored” her, as someone would adore Julia Roberts, for example. That was why almost every night I would dream about what it was like to be Nancy Drew, not just be with her.

My Nancy Drew days were my insecure days. I used to be so shy that I would only talk to friends and teachers. I would only be pushed around, taken for granted… I wasn’t even welcome to play in some games, and that only added to my low self esteem. My friends were always there to comfort me, but with Nancy, I was everything I ever dreamed of, and that helped me get through the tough times. Little by little I started copying some of Nancy’s traits in real life. I learned to assert myself, my opinions, my beliefs. Of course, I didn’t go snooping in on other people’s business, but I have to admit even my curiosity was heightened.

I’ve outgrown Nancy drew, but she’ll always remain one of my favorite characters. In her own way, Nancy taught me how to be tougher, more outspoken and more outgoing. And now I feel like I’m on top because this time it’s real and not just in my fantasies anymore.


5 thoughts on “A-Z Challenge: Nancy Drew

  1. Oh, Nancy is one of my imaginary friends way back then, too. Because of her and other series, I fancied myself being a detective!


  2. How lovely to have had Nancy as your pal in your childhood! And good on her that she was a good role model to you! 😉 Funny how we are attracted to what is opposite in us!
    (watch this space!- what’s yours?)
    I’m not sure why I did not read Nancy Drew – I liked the Secret Seven and the Magical Faraway Tree and such …I know that I was an ‘early reader’ but I don’t remember much else.

    Susan Scott’s Soul Stuff


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