A-Z Challenge: Trese

Reblogging a blog post I wrote last year when I realized I wrote about this already.

I read the latest installment in the series last January, and I must say, it just keeps on getting better. 🙂 If only I could use this for class for cultural appreciation…

hear me out

I was never really a big fan of comics. I remember reading the comics of my brother when I was younger, but that was mainly because I had run out of interesting things to read at home. A classmate gave me a quasi graphic novel in the 6th grade, I think, and I say quasi because it was the size of a Sweet Valley Twins book, drawn in black and white, but ended on a cliffhanger. Google informs me that graphic novels are like novels but with images, so that book/graphic novel was part of a series like comics, but it was as long as a novel. Uh, I think that was a bit confusing even for me to explain. I sincerely apologize for my ignorance of proper terminologies here. I’m trying hard to understand, and I think I do, but I’m doing a terrible job of explaining in my…

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