A-Z Challenge: Undead Series, The

Book 1: Undead and Unwed

Book 1: Undead and Unwed

I lasted for all of four books before I decided this was going the same direction as Kinsella’s Shopaholic series.

Let me backtrack.

In my quest to find a no-brainer book to get my mind back to normal thinking mode after checking mountains of student papers, I visited my then neighbor, National Book Store in Katipunan Avenue, my favorite place in that stretch of land I called my second home. I browsed and perused, trailing my fingers over the spines of the local offerings, the international best sellers, the YA books, the classics, the movie tie-ins until at last my fingers tingled upon reaching the CHICK LIT shelf.

Before my eyes lay hundreds of books by Kinsella, Ahern, Keyes, and a bunch of others I hadn’t heard of or read until that day. Kinsella I easily ignored after the trying time I had with her third Shopaholic book. Ahern was chick lit, alright, but more serious, and I wasn’t in the mood for that. Keyes was in the same boat as Ahern, but less dreamy and more realistic and practical, in my opinion.

Ah, but there somewhere near the bottom* a colorful cover caught my eye. Squatting down, I grabbed the book, turned it over as my hungry eyes devoured the summary. Vampires? Check. Hunky ones? Check. Ditzy but potential to become a femme fatale protagonist? Check. Sexy? Check and mate.

Before I could change my mind I stood up, went to the cashier and paid for my book. I went home, plonked down on my bed and started reading. It read like a Sophie Kinsella book with a hint of Buffy the Vampire Slayer and the steamy romance of a Harlequin novel. I was, to put it mildly, surprised, and left wanting for more. In time, I bought the next three books until I felt the same way I did when reading Shopaholic Ties The Knot (Book 3 of the Shopaholic series if you haven’t caught on yet). It was exciting and interesting and FUNNY. More than Kinsella’s, as far as I was concerned. But yes, it felt… redundant. It felt like the author was just playing around with some individual that made the first few books work and then just changed an element (like a new villain), but the way in which the problems were handled felt the same.

Of course, since I stopped at book 4, I can’t say for sure that she continues in the same vein for the rest in the series. (She has 11 already, can you believe it? 12th one’s coming out this August.) All I know is, it was fun while it lasted. Who knows, maybe I’ll pick up the other books eventually when my brain needs a break again.


*for the sake of voice and dramatics i put the book as being somewhere in the lower shelves but i vaguely remember it was actually somewhat eye level (or at least in the middle shelves). author’s name DID start with D, which put her books somewhere in the upper shelves.


One thought on “A-Z Challenge: Undead Series, The

  1. Oh dear! O well! You used the voice and dramatics very effectively re: the placing of the book. I was intrigued from word go. I also seek out favourite authors immediately (can’t think of one right now) and am disappointed when the same tired dynamic is spurned out yet again and the redundancy smacks you between the eyeballs!

    Susan Scott’s Soul Stuff


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