A-Z Challenge: Vriska Serket

Vriska Serket, Patrol Troll of the Scorpio sign


god tier Vriska

I was introduced to this online web serial (comics?) called Homestuck (<–click to start reading) by my former student and later on by my own sister. Simply put, it tells the story of four human kids and their quest to save the world through the help of 12 aliens (representative of the 12 signs of the zodiac) who want to help them because apparently the 4 kids fail if they proceed on the mission on their own. (This is an oversimplification; best if you just discover the story on your own.)

Vriska Serket, 8th troll (the alien race) to be formally introduced, is the patron troll of those born under the Scorpio sign (like me). When I first got to her story, I hated her, and I felt bad that my patron troll could be so cruel. Then again, given the general character traits of Scorpios, I shouldn’t have been surprised that Vriska was like that. What I couldn’t understand, though, was how my sister thought Vriska was one of the coolest trolls among the bunch. Apparently, I wasn’t even halfway through the story so I had to shut up about it.

As I slowly unraveled Vriska’s story (and you know what, I’m still not done), I began to realize that she wasn’t being cruel for the sake of it; she actually had a purpose–a noble one at that. You just think that her methods are very…hinky and evil. Then I got to thinking if I were anything like her. She seemed cruel in the way she treated her friend/s, but she was actually pushing them to learn to stand up for themselves (I never said her methods were perfect. hey.) because they were pushovers. On my end, I’ve been accused of being a bitch, but anybody who really knows me the fangs come out only in defense of my friends or if I’m pushing my whiny students to do and be more than they thought they could. (I’m really a softie; I cry at commercials.)

One thing’s for sure, though: I realize I had a lot more in common with Vriska than I had initially thought, and I guess I’m cool with that.

The series is impossible to finish in one day. Believe me, I’ve tried. I’m still not halfway through… I think. I’m at the part where someone just went grimdark – is that halfway through already?)


2 thoughts on “A-Z Challenge: Vriska Serket

  1. Looks Good RIa but I am fearful of getting started – delays you know? It can seem as if the baddie is on own ‘evil’ mission but this is often not so. Stand up for what you believe in. Interesting post thanks – when the A-A is overs cadovers I’ll get back to Vriska Serket!
    Susan Scott’s Soul Stuff


  2. It’s pretty popular with the teens and young adults, so I thought why not? I figured it might help me relate with my students better.

    Let me just warn you that Homestuck is crazy. :))


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