A-Z Challenge: young adult fiction

Warning: very rough draft. Too exhausted to edit/revise


High school never ends.

No truer words have been spoken.

Adults spend too much time quarreling over petty things that are pretty reminiscent of high school, don’t they? I must admit I’m guilty of doing so sometimes, but this honestly wasn’t my point when I mentioned the first line.

I was referring to people’s fascination with young adult fiction. I have a lot of friends who are still avid readers of YA lit, and they’re not apologetic about it (like me). YA lit in all its subgenres either takes us back to the glory of our younger days or forces us to face the demons we thought we’d left behind. Even though that glory has passed or our demons have taken the weekend off, we still crave for young adult literature because with what we have now, the fiction is still preferable to reality.

If you argue that this is true with ALL fiction books, the beauty of YA lit is in the demographic of the characters. ALL of us can relate to one or the other character in a book because we’ve all been through that adolescent phase in or lives right? Even with the supernatural thrown in with Percy Jackson, for example, the issues faced by the main such as estrangement from a parent, coping with a learning disorder, budding relationships, sibling rivalry, weird family members, etc are ones familiar to any person reading the story, and we become engaged and even emotionally invested more than we do with general fiction.

So here’s to yung adult books, the movers and shakers of today’s literature.

My personal favorites:
1. ……..
2. ……..


I’m seriously wasted. I’m half awake writing this so I’ll have to get back to this in the morning because I can’t think straight anymore .

Good night, world.


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