A-Z Challenge: Zeus

For the most powerful god in Greek mythology, you’d think Zeus would be invincible. The truth, though, is that his one weakness is the same weakness of every common man: a beautiful woman. I wonder what that says about him, or of the common man?

Zeus is my least favorite god. He always seems so petty and eternally horny in stories, and it gets old quick. It’s very refreshing then to see him in movies as this seemingly wise old man burdened with saving mankind. Well, I’ll give him that; he does seem to care deeply for humans, provided, of course that we don’t offend him.

Gonna go slightly off course here and share with you this little anecdote. One time in college my friends got into a conversation about what they’d name their first-born boy. They threw around names such as Agamemnon and Achilles, but I don’t know why they all suddenly settled for ZEUS as a second or maybe even third name (like Emmanuel Zeus or Robert James Zeus). I think they were high or something. What the hell, right? Why name your kid after the god of womanizers? Are you dooming your kid to a lifetime of power but of a disreputable one? I remember hearing about this “deal” much later on and promptly told them I was lucky I was never around to agree to such a thing. You know what they did? They all pretty much screamed at me, claiming I was there and that I agreed, too.

As if.

Thankfully, the friend who gave birth first in our circle of friends broke the “pact” and named her son something much better. The rest of us, not to mention our first born sons, have been saved. 🙂


3 thoughts on “A-Z Challenge: Zeus

  1. Fun post. At least no one came up with Jesus Budda Zeus. Try living with that name! The last two kind of sound like beetle juice when you say them fast.


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