Reflections: Four Sisters and a Wedding (SPOILER alert!)

Gail’s review is much more eloquent and detailed than mine. 😀


First off, I love the movie.  I love that it made me feel.  It made me laugh.  It made me cry.  It touched me on so many levels that I want to watch it again, just to re-affirm them all.

I loved Sam Milby in this movie.  He was (thankfully) casted perfectly.  No tortuous Filipino lines.  No pretensions that his first language is anything but English.  He was quite visibly comfortable in delivering his lines, and I was very comfortable listening to him.  I didn’t have any trouble AT ALL suspending disbelief and identifying with his character.  It also helped that his acting ability (his looks are as good as ever, so no further comment on THAT) has improved a LOT.

I loved Coney Reyes-Mumar  (or is it Coney Reyes, both seem to be correct) as the family  matriarch.  It was so apparent that she didn’t so much…

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