In The Pressure Cooker

One of my best friends from college got married yesterday, and talk about who’s gonna walk down the aisle next resurfaced. As it stands, there are only two of us girls in the group who are single and with seemingly no hopes of getting hitched soon. We’re being pressured to get married within the next 3-4 years so that our friends’ kids can become ring bearers and flower girls in our weddings.

Tough luck, I wanted to tell them.

It’s an old topic, honestly, being single. I joke with fellow singletons about the woes of it, exchange dating horror stories, or sigh collectively and wistfully about the futility of having our personal Mr. Darcys. In my circle of friends, I’ve become the one most closely associated with Austen’s classic Pride and Prejudice that it’s the bridesmaid gift to me. I got the DVD of the Colin Firth version, and while I was ecstatic at that moment, in hindsight I realize it’s true that men have been ruined for me because of Darcy. I’ve been told of how high my standards have been, and the universe has told me in more ways than one that I should lower my standards to get a guy, but all I can say to the universe is HELL NO.

Being single is both a blessing and a curse. Well, more like an annoyance than a curse at times.

At the moment, I am enjoying my independence as I try to fix my life. The expressed pressure from my friends (unspoken from my mom) is making things a bit tough for me because I have this tendency to go against what other people want or expect from me.

Isn’t life just peachy?

Okay, I’ll end the sarcasm. I did enjoy the wedding and the reception yesterday, and I am truly happy for my friend. 🙂


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