Wearing your heart on your [online] sleeve

I posted on my Twitter last night the question:

When did we become so obsessed with baring our souls to complete strangers?

Facebook and Twitter have successfully brought out this obsession more than their predecessors, LiveJournal and the now shut down site Multiply.

I think about it, and I realize that while I have friends who’ve got my back, not all of them share my feelings and therefore could not relate, but the inhabitants of the world wide web do–well, at least some of them. I bare parts of my soul to strangers because I hope that there is at least someone who totes gets it, and also I find it is easier to share to a faceless listener whose reactions to my stories I can’t see, whose judgements don’t really matter as much and therefore don’t hurt.

And sometimes, I just really need someone to listen.

Not to be judged.

Not to give advice.

Not to change the topic and then steal what’s left of the little time I have to tell my story.

I guess the rest of the world needs it, too.

Or they just want a shot at fame. 🙂


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