Who was it again who said that history is written by the victors?

Only now am I realizing how true this is.

I’ve been reading up on Philippine history, and I am frustrated by the lack of objective resources online. A lot of the resources are obviously biased towards one political side or the other, evident in the author’s choice of words. In my research, for example, on Ferdinand Marcos, I expected to find information biased against the man, but I never realized it would be this difficult to look for ones that took no side at all. They were either completely against him or completely in praise of him, so it made the task of sifting and marrying the information to present to my kids all the more difficult.

It doesn’t help that our library is so new that I don’t have any textbooks as resources. I want to cry sometimes.

The silver lining to all this is that I’m relearning this information with a more open mind than when I first studied this back in grade school and high school. I have a better understanding of the motivations of the significant people in history, and the events are genuinely more interesting now because I read history like stories instead of information databases.

History in general is amazing. We’re a pretty young country, so we don’t have as much events as countries like England or Greece or even U.S.A., but our stories as nevertheless just as interesting and robust. I’m not sure I want to continue teaching history after this year, but I will say this with certainty: Philippine history sure is colorful.


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