End of an era

More like my era.

Tonight I say goodbye to the year of tragedy (Haiyan/Yolanda), disappointment, farewells, and hurt. Perhaps 2014 will bring the same, but I’ll be one year older and maybe a little wiser in dealing with things.

One such thing i need to deal with involves so much hurt and anger. Two weeks ago a friend confided–if indeed you could call his outburst that–that he had been miserable recently, so to speak, and how his descent into the darkness of himself has caused him turmoil and anguish. How do you help someone who is such in despair? His family is a good family whom I respect so much, so I know he’ll be in good hands this break, but I continue to worry through the holiday and even now. All I can hope for now is that these two weeks off will have given him time to reflect.

I don’t want to end this year on such a sad note, so I will say that even though 2013 has been less than spectacular, it wasn’t as bad as some other year had been. Plus, I did get to meet a lot of new people, albeit online and not face to face. I got to test my social limits, I tried yoga and became more proactive in becoming more fit, I had to step up and become a mentor (although I think I’m not so good at it; I realized I am VERY impatient), and I had to learn a new subject. OH and I read 51 books this year!!! Around 5-7 were harlequin romances and a majority were young adult books, but this was still an achievement for me.

I wish for the coming year to be peaceful and happy. I know we all wish these, but it seems more urgent now, more needed especially since our differences and disagreements are all the more easily communicated and highlighted thanks to modern technology.

I wish that you, my new friends, find your heart’s desires within reach. 🙂


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