Mood Swings

I’ve been hovering between dedication and abhorrence for work lately. I have never been this lazy to go to work. Trying to figure out why is like popping a pimple.

Actually no. It was just the first thing that entered my mind.

I’ve gone past the 7-year itch phase, (that period in your life when you reach 7 years at work and you want to do something else, right?) so I feel like this itch isn’t about teaching. Then I think maybe it’s the environment? That I need a change? But I just moved here last school year, so it can’t be that, right?

Or maybe it’s the age thing. Hitting 30 is a milestone, but at one point I felt (sometimes I still do) that I have been nothing but a failure disappointment to myself.

Oh lord look at all this self-loathing and drama. I think I know what’s coming up.


2 thoughts on “Mood Swings

  1. O Reeyah! So heart-felt! How we can go down our ourselves! You title your post Mood Swings – well, listen to them and let them in a bit. They want to be acknowledged.
    Are you doing the A-Z? I hope so! I got on the list last night and actually put up a blog this a.m.
    All best to you.


  2. Yes, I am! I didn’t know it’s open already; I’ll go put myself on the list now. 😀

    It’s so great to hear from you! Haven’t been keeping up to date on the people I follow. Hope you’re better from your injury now!


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