Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell


This is the second novel of Rowell’s that I read, and truth be told I preferred Eleanor and Park over this. However, that doesn’t mean I hated this book. I love this book, too.

While I am in no way in as deep into fandomhood as the main character, Cath, I do understand  that deep connection with a story and the yearning to either put one’s self inside the text and/or put your spin on it.

I used to write fanfiction and there was one chapter (yes, only one) that I considered decent enough to be read by other people. I submitted it to this anime fanfic mailing list I was in and got pretty decent feedback. Unfortunately I never had the guts to go through with the rest of the story, so I dropped it.

Cath, to me, was amazing. She was able to sustain her devotion to her fandom and churn out chapter after chapter of amazing storytelling despite the personal problems she had to deal with. I wish I had her conviction when I was younger. She might have been the more reserved between her and her sister, but she knew what she wanted, what she was good at, and she pursued it.


One thought on “Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell

  1. I did write some fanfiction but never really had the persistence to keep it up. But Ihad the same experience – being on forums and sharing (your stories or opinions of others’ stories) is very helpful. And sometimes even entertaining 🙂
    Hope you’ll keep up with the A to Z challenge!
    Andrea, #atozchallenge Mighty Minion Asset


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