The Giver by Lois Lowry

So. There’s a film adaptation of this contemporary classic.

I have a few apprehensions already based on the trailer.

First, it’s in color. If you’ve read the novel, you’ll understand why this is a problem. I understand that the producers have to consider the general viewing public and know that a black and white film might not draw in as much viewers to up the profits, but this is one of those touches that would have lent so much accuracy to the adaptation.

Second, Jonah is old. WHY does Hollywood have to make characters older in the film versions? Take Percy Jackson and Four (of Divergent). Then again, I suppose one would not believe easily that a pre-teen would be able to carry such a burden as described in the novel.

Third, I never realized the Giver’s quarters was SO HUGE hahaha. Okay, this isn’t an apprehension. I was just surprised.


As for the novel itself, as far as dystopian stories go, this was the first one I actually had trouble accepting. HOW could you transfer memories just by touch and make it seem so real to actually have it manifest physically? Is it a factor of technology? Of human evolution? Nevertheless, I must say that this story got me thinking A LOT when I first finished it. I’d love the chance to discuss this with someone whether in class or anybody, actually.


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