Jasper Fforde

I’ve recently gotten into the Thursday Next series of books by author Jasper Fforde, and let me tell you, those books just blew my mind.

Thanks for the pic, Wikipedia.

Thanks for the pic, Wikipedia.

There are times when I would wish I were in somebody else’s head (see this post about that), but there are also times when I would imagine I were actually part of the stories in the novels I’d read whether they were YA or a classic or general fiction. Then this guy, Jasper Fforde, was able to actually put into words what were only images in my head!

What I love about the series is that the author clearly has extensive knowledge of books– something I could only dream of–and he uses the knowledge to turn those books upside down and make it hilarious AND believable!

He is now on my list of authors whose brains I’d love to pick. How he was able to imagine all the things in his books and marry them with details from classic literature is a feat I shall forever hold in the highest esteem.

Right now I’m on book 4, and I had to stop because one of the characters and the world of Thursday Next have gotten too uncomfortable to bear, but I recognize that discomfort means that there is truth in the text, for the truth generally makes people uncomfortable, right?



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