Northanger Abbey by Jane Austen


(I just wanted to say that)

When my friends and I decided to do start a book club the first thing that we agreed on was to do Jane Austen books and that we’d do it chronologically, so we started with Northanger Abbey. I’m no Austen scholar so I don’t know if it was the first published work or the first written work, and I honestly don’t want to bother myself right now to look it up when the information will be there anyway later when I finish this post.


It was literally a drag to read the thing, so I decided to get the movie (the one with J.J. Feild! :D) to help me along. Honestly, it didn’t help much.

Nevertheless, you could see Austen was showing her preference for a strong female lead. Catherine had a tentative type of strength about her; she was unsure of how to act around other people, but she would always do what is right or what she thinks is right no matter how stupid she can be.

And with that statement came the realization that while Austen’s female leads may be strong and outspoken, they really can be annoyingly stupid at times, don’t you agree?


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