There’s this Korean reality show called Roommate where 11 South Korean celebrities live together in a house for a certain period of time. It’s nothing like the Big Brother franchise where people get voted off the house every week. Here, the housemates, or roommates, as they call themselves, make the best of their circumstances and get to know each other in front of the entire nation (and world, if you follow the show online).

Thanks to my brother, my family and I are hooked on this. New episodes air on Sundays, but since none of us can understand the language, we wait for the English-subbed episodes to be uploaded on Kshowonline every Wednesday. The first episode I saw was the third one, and I was instantly hooked. I found myself drawn to certain roommates, but at the end of our marathon, I didn’t have a single favorite one; I LOVED EVERYBODY.

In one of the latest episodes, though, I realized that I was looking forward to more appearances of Lee Dong-wook, especially after it was revealed that he was the male roommate who was around my age. Hello! Fangirl alert! To make matters worse–so to speak–he turned out to be more than a decent guy: he has a great sense of humor, thoughtful, considerate, and he takes care of the other members, taking the time to talk to them when he notices that someone was feeling out of sorts.


Good lord, I think I’m in love.

Okay, I kid. I’m not in love, but I sure am now a fan of his.



2 thoughts on “Roommate

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