A Thousand Lives

The worst piece of news today wasn’t about China threatening to take our land away again but the news that a father had to bury his son who died from fraternity initiation rites (better known here as hazing).

I remember thinking that I can’t–nor do I want to–imagine the pain that father must have felt to discover his child had died because of a senseless act. All of a sudden I was thinking of this father’s rage and hurt and how he might act if he saw these people responsible for his son’s death, and all I could think of was that he wouldn’t wish death on these people but a thousand lives over so that they could suffer through all of them.

The scene became real in my mind:

He looked up. In front of him were the three boys–so young! how could they kill my boy?–the three boys who took my child away.

He stood up, staggered towards them. They shrunk. “Shrink into the earth, you maggots,” he thought, his rage the only thing holding him up.

Softly, he addressed them. “I do not wish you death…”

Their shoulders relaxed ever so slightly.

“I wish you a thousand lives and more so that you can live through them and suffer through all of them.”

No burden was lifted. No weight taken off his shoulders. His heart was heavier, his chest tighter, as though the curse he put on them was placed on him as well. And all he could think of was that this was how it was going to be now.


Watching the news is depressing. 😦

I wish all parties involved find forgiveness and peace, maybe not now, but eventually.


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