Going back (NaBloPoMo: Mnemonics)

Prompt: Do you re-read old blog posts? Do your memories of events match what you wrote at the time?

Yes, I do, and sometimes I don’t remember why I wrote certain things anymore. 😀


Sometimes, I can tell as I’m writing that when I reread it in the future, I won’t remember the event anymore. It makes me wonder, then, why I even bother writing down vague posts. I try to recall what event happened that prompted me to write about it. If I remember, then that’s great (I think), but if I don’t remember, then it gives me something to think about.

Tweeting is worse. When I tweet passive-aggressive rants, I end up forgetting what I was ranting about a mere 2 weeks later. When this happens, I just go, “Oh no. Old age.”

Then there are times when I read old blog posts just to see how my writing has grown (or regressed). A lot of times, I’m impressed by my past self’s ability to be accurate and eloquent and consequently bemoan my current state of insecurity. On the other hand, there are those times when I just end up cringing and swearing at my younger incompetent writer-self.

Right now, I’m keeping my eyes on the future. Not much use in going back to the past if I can’t figuratively see my future. I want to be able to visualize where I’m going so that I can pull from my past the lessons I’m going to need to pull myself through to my goals.

And now, literally, I am called to work.


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