Making memories pt. 2 (NaBloPoMo: Mnemonics)

The new school year has begun, and with it, new students, class encounters, lessons to plan, and, of course, colleagues.

The faculty number has doubled; just as well because this increase is much needed. I’m happy that I’m able to hang out with them and be on great terms with them both professionally and personally. Last Friday, I hung out with a few colleagues who were all Laguna-based and didn’t go back to their homes in Manila for the weekend. We talked about our pasts and how we were doing in our different assignments, and now in the context of this month’s theme, I realize that we were making a collective memory of this bonding experience, which, luckily, was repeated only two days later.

We had decided that Friday night to go out again on Sunday for Cinemalaya at the Alabang Town Center. Because of sheer arrogance and ignorance, we failed to book tickets in advance and therefore ran out of seats when we arrived at the theaters earlier. And because teachers always have backup plans, we decided to watch Lucy instead. We came out of that theater lost and confused, but we were all happy to have seen it together. We talked and got to know each other over food and drinks, and when we all thought it was time to go home, we ended up talking some more over food and drinks somewhere else.

Without these new colleagues, I would never have gone out of the house on a Sunday, so I’m thankful to these new people for making me force myself to get out of my Sunday comfort zone. The new memories with new friends are definitely worth it.


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