Hair (NaBloPoMo: Mnemonics)

You know the story of Samson and Delilah, right? How Samson’s strength came from his long flowing locks? Well, I’ve come to believe that my superior intellect (as I like telling people) comes from my naturally curly hair.

And then I cut it off today because the long hair was becoming such a hassle to fix every morning (insert hash tag signs-of-aging). So far, only my two sisters have said they like my super short hair, which apparently is based on a cross between Halle Berry’s and Rihanna’s short hairstyles some years back. I’ve gone short before, but THIS one scares me because–seriously–my mental superpowers come from my hair.

Logically speaking, though, it really is a source of power. Maybe not in the literal sense, but it’s always given me license to be different. This stems from my childhood desire of wanting to have straight hair because EVERYBODY had straight hair. It was only recently when I started to appreciate it. So now when people look at me, people think “DIFFERENT” and it gives me an edge automatically. Pretty helpful when I want/need to be noticed; pretty disadvantageous when I want to hide. Nevertheless, when my brain’s in a rut, I just run my hands throughybhair, tug a few locks here and there, and my brain starts to relax and work properly again.

And now I have to deal with this hair dilemma. This is what comes when I’m too lazy to commute two hours to my old apartment area where my old stylist’s salon is.


Lesson? Anything worth having is worth working for.


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