Blogging (NaBloPoMo: Mnemonics)

Prompt: How do you remember blog posts you want to write until you’re ready to sit down at the computer? Do you have a system in place, why or why not?

Blogging has been a very useful tool for me as a venue to practice my writing, but I’ve noticed that unless it’s for a challenge, I don’t really post regularly. I haven’t even been writing in my pen-and-paper journal in some months, and I can attribute that one honestly to laziness.

As for a particular system for remembering blog posts, my answer would be no, I don’t have one. When I have the urge to write, I write. Sometimes, when I find myself nowhere near a computer when I have the urge, I just let it go. Laziness and all.

This is why I join blogging challenges. I’m forced to write. I’m forced to FIND THE TIME to write. Even though sometimes I’m a day late and have to backpost, I end up writing and posting, so this has been a great way to keep myself focused on writing and thinking of things to write.


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