When life hands you lemons…

You know what comes next.

We heard this saying earlier during our school’s first ever Face to Faith video conference (exciting stuff!) when one of the students from our partner school used this in his summary of things he learned.

When I heard that student utter those words, my initial thoughts were, “Ugh. What a cliche.” How judgmental of me, right? Yes, I am ashamed of myself for thinking that way. This shame reminded me that cliches were cliches because no matter how corny they were, they always had a glimmer–at the very least–of truth in them. This couldn’t have come at a better time, for it served as a great reminder today to remain positive despite the stress that the day had wrought on my shoulders.

I found myself on the verge of full-blown tears twice, and twice I had to curb that physical and psychological urge to just break down. When I was cursing the steps because I almost tripped at the same time water dripped on my head, my friends showed me that they had my back. 🙂

And all was right again. 🙂


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