Birthday Wishlist 2014

IT IS THAT TIME OF THE YEAR AGAIN! My birthday’s coming up in a couple of months and because… nothing. I just like making wishlists. 😀

  1.  iPhone 5s
  2. cork yoga blocks (2 pieces) – available from Manduka or Made for Movement (because I still need help with balances and stuff)
  3. yoga strap because I still can’t reach my feet in some poses huhu
  4. yoga leggings from Kosha Yoga (FREE SIZE; blue galaxy or gothic pants design)
  5. The Critical Tradition by David Richter – from my old wishlist
  6. Power bank for my phone which isbgood for more than one charge
  7. unlimited yoga classes at Breathe, Nuvali
  8. trip to Bali, Indonesia (take me to the beach)
  9. shopping spree inside Fully Booked or Forever 21 (I never get this. WHY? haha)
  10. to finish DFW’s Infinite Jest (this one’s on me, though)
  11. my own stash of dark chocolate ice cream
  12. Dong-A Fine Tech ballpoint pens in PINK (cheap thrill)
  13. Sons of the Sea (incubus/Brandon Boyd album)
  16. a date with Daniel Matsunaga
  17. On second thought, I’d be happy with a picture with Daniel Matsunaga. I’d be too starstruck to carry a decent conversation with him.
  18. that Doctor Who charm bracelet I saw on Facebook
  19. a Fully Booked discount card
  20. a love letter
  21. Wonderpop tshirts preferably: (small or extra small I CAN’T TELL I’M SORRY)

//edit Students, this list is not for you. If you want to get me something, write me a love letter. 😀


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