Sana Dati (2013)

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The movie goes by If Only in English, right?

I finished watching the movie approximately 15 minutes ago, and while I am in love with the movie, I find myself at a loss for words to explain this love.

So I shall do what I usually do in cases of word-depravation (see? I can’t even find the right word for this case), I shall do free writing and blabber and hope I end up with a pretty good entry for the day.

And there are spoilers here, so if you haven’t seen the movie and you want to, skip if you don’t want spoilers.


Where do I begin?

It’s a love story, and, being the hopeless romantic that I am, of course I love this movie. I think.

And then there’s the rub. In love you don’t think, right? You do crazy things. Like forget to take your meds, you little love fool (I so want to use that word I used in my chat but no).

But why does love have to be irrational? Why ugh.

I’ll just talk about Robert.


He’s a good guy. I thought he’d be horrible after discovering that he was a politician, but his answer to a question during the wedding video interview made me think otherwise. He said that he stopped being a politician because you can’t be a public servant and a politician at the same time. It was impossible. I like that he went into politics really wanting to make positive changes in society, but I don’t like that he quit because it kind of implies a lack of a backbone. And his dad mentions other things he didn’t push through with, and you kind of get this picture that he’s a weak guy, that he’s a guy without any strong convictions.

But all of those changed when he said during his wedding vows, “Sigurado ako na mahal kita. Sigurado ako sa’yo.” At that time, what hurt was the knowledge that those were the exact lines Andrea’s ex told her. The same ex that Andrea still loves.

God. Her face when he said that line. She forced a smile. She recognized that line.

And Robert’s face was just agony. How can I make her see that I love her? How can I make her understand? How can I ease her pain? Because dammit you know that he knows she’s in pain. And all he could do was wait helplessly at the side. One could argue this was another sign of weakness, but oh no. When he says during a private moment that he’s always known about the ex, you realize that he’s loved her truly madly deeply and unconditionally. He’s just been there all this time, loving her. (dammit I’m crying) He doesn’t care that she doesn’t love him back. He doesn’t care that she wasn’t ready. I think that he nearly broke down during the vows because he knew he could be forcing her into something she didn’t want to at that time. I don’t know. My mind’s a mess right now.

But one thing is clear. Robert’s love shone through in the end. It was patient. It was understanding. It was clear and pure and unconditional. What he liked in his backbone, his heart more than made up for it. He was sure of his love for her.

And when she took his hand, you know that she finally knew it, she finally understood it, she finally felt it and she was able to love him back.

Excuse me while I cry.


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