I did the Gratitude List on Facebook for five days as per the rules, but then one realizes that gratitude does not end in five days. There is always something we can be grateful for.

Today I am most grateful for the fact that my mom is doing better. She had an attack of vertigo. Dizziness, vomiting, the works. She’s had it before, but I had been in Katipunan at that time and had only heard about her attack when she was already well. Today was the first time I saw her go through it. It wrenched my heart to hear her wail. She’s always been a pillar of strength for me, so to hear her at her weakest was something I could not bear.

I am grateful for my neighbor who is a nurse who came at once to help. I am grateful for my dad who held her up and got her things she needed. I am grateful for my sisters who made salabat (ginger tea) even though they knew nothing of making it. I am grateful for Google who showed my sisters how to do it.

What did I do? Whatever they told me to do, basically. I was the ate and I felt like a fool. *sigh*

So I prayed.



Will pray.

Thank you, God, that mama is doing better.


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