21. How does the sun feel when it looks down at the Earth?

F****ng bastards. You have no clue, do you? Zero clue that you’re about to die (courtesy of yours truly), but instead of living or ensuring that you leave a positive legacy, you just go on killing each other. Stupid, stupid, stupid Earthlings.

Aw, well. That Malala girl deserves that prize. Too bad she got shot first. I wish I could burn those shooters. I wish I could burn the entire Earth and rid it of the evil, but that would mean ridding it of the good, too. I’ll have my way with you, Earth. Just you wait.

Oh look, that desert now has plant life! Is that Africa? Good job, old man, whoever you are, for reviving what used to be dead land.

New York, you’re a mess. Where’s the Philippines? Where’s Boracay? I need the sun worshippers.*

Oh, Earth. You incite such feelings of anger and love within me. I feel sad for you.


n.b. I write this 8:28 p.m., which is 8:28 a.m. in New York. So. The sun can see New York. I think.


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