Tummy aches and Jesuits and weird things

(I’m beginning to feel slightly feverish, but I need to get these thoughts down.)

Today is SGA day in school for the faculty and staff. No students, but we didn’t get to check our exams until later in the afternoon. Today was all about the Jesuits who are celebrating their 200th year of Restoration after the Great Suppression in the 1700s.

I had heard about the suppression before, but it wasn’t until today that I heard of the specifics. The prelection was a setting of expectations through the presentation of our day’s schedule and a film showing. We watched The Mission, which showed one of the reasons the Marquis de Pombal got the Jesuits suppressed. I loved it. I cried while watching it.

After the movie we had two speakers: a priest who gave us a history of the Suppression (as an English teacher, I wasn’t particularly impressed with his word choice, but otherwise he was a good speaker), and an alumnus who spoke of how God worked in his life and how the Jesuit tradition influenced him.

In liked both their talks, but I had to dash in and out a few times because my stomach was giving me hell. My hormones weren’t helping because I would tear up with almost everything that the two speakers said even though they weren’t particularly moving.

My stomach continued to wreak havoc on me throughout the recollection that my heart rate went up to 100bpm.  Thanks to yoga, I used the breathing strategy we were taught and I got it back down to my regular 85bpm. (I’m working on getting not to 75bpm.)

Yes, I kept track of my heart rate.That was another reason I couldn’t focus so much on what they said. All I remember thinking was that the Jesuits were really good priests and that they’re not for everybody. I like the Jesuits the best among all the orders. They make sense to me, and God makes sense to me whenever I hear Jesuits talk about God. I don’t claim to understand God–I mean, who could, right?–but I guess what I’m trying to say is that I don’t feel as confused about my life and my relationship with God whenever I listen to Jesuits.

As I told my friends earlier, I’m the type of person who’s resistant to recollections and other spiritual growth activities for different reasons, but I always end up taking away something valuable from these things.

Gratitude List
1. This day of prayer, reflection, and learning
2. Seeing good friends and colleagues again after a week

3. My stomach going all weird on me because I had to stop and listen to my body
4. checking in solitude and with company
5. Quick naps
6. Green juice
7. Juen’s birthday! And I got to see her adorable son when he picked her up earlier today.
9. Connecting with new-ish friends (Hi, Abner) and old-ish (Hi, Marckie). We talked about weird childhood habits that may have affected how we act or behave now as adults and weird college moments. And weird food. 😀


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