NaBloPoMo: Favorite Holiday

Prompt: What is your favorite holiday memory? (And yes, you can pick any holiday, including your birthday.)

I pick my birthday.

My friends and I have this tradition of giving each other our birthday wishlists and we get each other one or several things from that list. My birthday’s coming up this week, so I’m excited about what I’m going to get from my friends. I had posted my list here a couple of months back, but I don’t think I’m getting anything from that list because I told my friends I wanted two books on poetry I had my eye on.

Anyway. Birthdays. My favorite birthday memory was my 7th birthday party. I don’t remember much except that it was the first legit birthday party I was actually AWARE of. I dressed up in this frou-frou dress that was itchy as hell and people came over and there was traditional Filipino birthday fare of sweet spaghetti with sliced hotdogs and hotdogs on sticks with marshmallows (I could just be making this up, but I’m pretty sure these were present). There was a Goldilocks cake, a chocolate one because back then I didn’t eat cake that wasn’t chocolate.

I remember cheating in the pin the tail on the donkey game and I thought I was sooooo clever sneaking a peek under my blindfold, but when I saw the pics it was so obvious I cheated and it was SO obvious that they let me get away with it because it was my birthday. I feel bad that I cheated, but I don’t feel bad about the day because I had TONS of fun.

The most fun was the opening of presents part. I don’t remember what I got except for one thing. My closest friend back then was my bus mate, and she got me this tiny magnifying lens. And it wasn’t even a toy magnifying lens. For a seven-year-old, it was a really grown-up gift, and




The best part? I still have it to this day.

Ta-daaaaa~ This thing is now officially 20++ years old. :D

Ta-daaaaa~ This thing is now officially 20++ years old. 😀

I felt like SUCH an adult then even though I knew I was just seven years old. I remember just wanting to play, but I also remember I got to do what I wanted, and it felt so EMPOWERING. It was a great feeling. Sometimes I find myself wishing that I were young again, to go back to that time when I was young(er) and carefree and I was empowered (to play, mostly) but without any real world responsibilities.

But people move on and grow up and learn and love, and if I were to regress back to those days, I’d lose every valuable experience with so many lovely people. It’s not worth it.

Reminiscing will just have to do. 🙂


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