NaBloPoMo: Numb

Today started with a high note and ended on a sad one.


I had a fun activity planned for my classes, and the students were very responsive.

I get back to my desk after my first class, and I find a note with something attached to it. I read the note and find that it’s a birthday note–my first birthday gift for the year! I got insane inside because I had snuck a peek at what was attached–a tiny envelope, seen the name “Fully Booked,” which was a VERY familiar name, and had instantly gotten excited. I use the word mildly. There were fireworks in my heart, to be honest.


When I finished reading the note it took all my willpower and self-control to stop myself from ripping the paper clip holding the note and envelope together. With my senses blocking everything out and my fingers close to shaking, I opened the envelope and slid out two cards. At first I was confused. Is this a discount card? Why are there two?

Upon closer inspection, I saw that they were two gift cards to two different bookstores.







If you had read this post, you’d know that I wished for a shopping spree inside a bookstore.

I frikkin’ got my wish!








I would have cried if not for this overwhelming joy that overcame me and just put me in the giddiest mood I’ve been in the entire year. For a while I just sat there in shock. I think I was staring at the thing for a good five minutes until up popped the head of the giver beside me, intending to ask a question. And I just went to him and gave him a hug and




I still can’t believe this.

The last time I felt this way was when my friend gave us all in the barkada a huge box of books.

Look at that huge box.

Look at that huge box.

We stared at this for, I think, a full minute. Irish (the giver) was talking but we were all ignoring her because we were just staring in shock at the book. AND THEN WE SCREAMED. :D

We stared at this for, I think, a full minute. Irish (the giver) was talking but we were all ignoring her because we were just staring in shock at the books. AND THEN WE SCREAMED. 😀

I love it. You’re the best, Adverbs. 🙂




One of my closest friends at work was feeling pretty sad in the afternoon because she had gotten word that her aunt, to whom she was very close, was in a coma-like state at the hospital. We talked and she shared that she was not ready to let her go.

Come dinner time, she took one look at her phone and instantly broke down.

I felt her devastation, and I felt helpless.

How do you ease somebody’s pain? What do you do? How can you help?

That’s the most difficult thing about pain. It is suffered alone. No matter how tight your hug, the pain is suffered alone.

We brought her home. It was the least we could do, I think.

My prayer right now is that my friend at least gets some rest before she makes the trip to her aunt’s place tomorrow.


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