Tadhana – fate

That Thing Called Tadhana is a beautiful movie.

Two scenes hit me hardest:

1. When Mace was hauling her luggage up then down the pedestrian overpass.

Mabagal at mabigat, pero kaya.

2. When Mace was shouting her emotions out over a gorgeous mountain view and crying at the same time.

Ayoko na!

I’ve always felt scenes like that were ridiculous, but then I realize I could be judging people who do that as annoyingly pretentious people who do it because they saw it in a movie or something.

But there was something about Mace’s tears that tugged at me, that made me realize that I actually need such a release. Perhaps not on a grand scale like the one in the movie, but something that will bring about that desired cathartic effect.

Fitting movie choice, considering that I had reservations about today. I was in a foul mood at some parts of the day because of certain incidents, text messages, thoughts, words uttered, and generally horrible weather.

In hindsight, I believe that tadhana made this day happen. I learned a lot of things about myself, friends…people in general.

I’m glad today happened. I really wasn’t looking forward to this day, but now I’m glad it did.

For movie dates with friends to hours on end just talking and having someone REALLY LISTEN TO YOU WITHOUT JUDGMENT (whether perceived or real) or INTERRUPTION… Moments such as these are rare for me because it takes a lot for me to open up. THANK YOU.



Today would make for excellent material for a movie, in my opinion. I can picture the scenes in my head already.


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