The Burden of Secrets


There was this movie that starred a young Evan Rachel Wood about how she became a keeper of secrets of the children in her neighborhood. In the end, she told everybody to deal with their problems because she couldn’t keep their secrets anymore.

I didn’t think much of it then. It was just another movie that was showing on TV, and since I had nothing better to do and I saw a teenage David Gallagher (of 7th Heaven fame) there, I decided to stop surfing and just watch it.

Recently, I found myself the unsolicited receiver of secrets. Not one but two secrets. It’s not a huge number of secrets, but these were the kind that weigh heavy on your heart, the equivalent of a million tiny ones. The first one came from a friend, and while the trust was appreciated, the sharing of the secret with me became a burden because it would affect an entire community. Said friend implicitly asked for advice, so I gave my thoughts on the matter.

Now I reflect: what kind of friend am I to be annoyed by this trust?

The second secret came from someone not really a friend, but from someone who apparently considers me trustworthy enough. I was honestly surprised that this person would share a sensitive issue with me because we were not–ARE not– really close. On one hand, I was honored (weirded out, but honored), but on the other hand, this was some pretty heavy stuff. I felt sad as I was reading this person’s thoughts in my email.

When is trust a burden?

Tama ba na maging mabigat ang pagtiwala ng ibang tao sa’yo?

Why does trust become a burden?

Or is there something wrong in the way I’m looking at things?


2 thoughts on “The Burden of Secrets

  1. This, this, this. I identify with this so much. More and more I’m the keeper of secrets, especially within a group of people who are withholding those secrets from one another. Keeping track of them is difficult, remembering not to say a word or appearing innocent throughout is difficult. Ignorance is bliss, right? It would be super cool if people allowed me some ignorance from time to time.


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