Gratitude List

Today, I am grateful for:

  1. Matthew O.
  2. The opportunity to be snarky.
  3. The opportunity to be snarky at Matthew O.
  4. The opportunity to NOT be snarky at anybody including Matthew O. today.
  5. The opportunity to make fun of a certain Matthew O.
  6. Actually taking that opportunity to do #4 in this post.
  7. For Matthew O. actually being a good guy.
  8. For Matthew O. making me laugh with his text of, “WHY AM I NEVER ON YOUR GRATITUDE LIST?”
  9. For Matthew O.’s serendipitous funny text just as I was beginning my stress-eating session (more smiles, less stress!).
  10. For Matthew O. actually following my blog.


TO MY DEAR FRIEND MATTHEW O., this one’s for you. 😀


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