A long weekend

My weekend was supposed to start early with errands and work, but I ended up sleeping and eating most of it away.

C360_2014-11-22-12-23-40-628 IMG_20141122_121832

My day started out with a visit from this cutie named Sab. I honestly have no idea who this kid’s parents are (my mom knows them and the grandparents), but I don’t really care. She’s such a sweetheart. 🙂

My friend dropped me off at Makati where I was to do my errands. I didn’t get to accomplish ANYTHING because of long lines and not enough time and a system failure.

First I looked for food. Then, I went in search of that elusive BBW Dancing Waters lotion. It’s kind of impossible to find, apparently. I gave up and then just proceeded to PowerBooks where I spent many a happy hour just browsing. I sat down on the carpet in one section and just piled book upon book on my lap trying to decide which one/s to get with my Php500 gift card. All the books I wanted were around Php700++, so I settled for my second choice books which were thankfully already in mass market paperback editions (HENCE CHEAPER). I settled on Christopher Moore’s Coyote Blue (Php 469) and local literary legend Nick Joaquin’s Candido’s Apocalypse (Php195). The Sherlock story in the picture is for someone else.


Books in front of me…


…and books behind me…


…and then there’s just me. 😀


Book haul of the day. Little did I know that another one would join this merry band of books hours later.

Craving for a cup of coffee (not really), I headed for the nearest Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf branch that I knew of but was oddly surprised to discover that it wasn’t there. I took it as a sign to stop spending, so I decided to drop by the church that was in the middle of the busy shopping district for some peace  and quiet. I found a seat along the walkway just outside the church because it was already full inside. They were praying the rosary, but it was almost done, so I just sat there and observed the people. Families were posing in front of the carabao statues near the side entrance of the church. People were milling about, not even stopping to glance at the church or make the sign of the cross. Some were busy looking at their phones as they rushed to wherever it was they needed to get to.

I sat there quietly just taking it all in. There’s a certain peace to be had just by sitting and observing, more so in close proximity to a holy place.

A few minutes later, anticipated mass for the Feast of Christ the King began. It’s been a while since I’ve heard mass in that church. The priest is always different, so perspectives and homilies are always varied. Yesterday’s priest said nothing really new, in my opinion, but it was refreshing to hear a lively homily outside school masses.


Decided to head to the small church in the midst of the bustling metropolis to say a quiet prayer of thanks.

When my friend Irish arrived and we finally left the church, we had time to kill before heading on over to our friend’s place where we were supposed to sleep over. It had been a while since we had our last sleepover, so we were all giddy as teenagers. Since there was time to spare, we decided to watch Big Hero 6, but unfortunately, seats were all sold out. We decided to fill our stomachs with something light to get us through the dinner wait..

Irish told me we were to pick something up for her sister somewhere before going to the sleepover. I did not suspect at all that we were actually going to have a staycation at a nearby hotel. I am a clueless and dense person.

You know the funny thing? When Irish told me where we were going, the first thing that came to mind was this guy I dated before. He had a thing there. So I wasn’t exactly looking forward to spending much time in that area.

Irish parked in the hotel basement, which seemed funny at first because I thought only guests parked there. Outsiders were to park elsewhere. BUT YOU KNOW. CLUELESS ME WAS CLUELESS.

We got into the elevator and when it stopped at the ground floor to let more people in, our friend’s husband was there, and he had SUCH a look of guilt on his face that I immediately knew that we weren’t there to pick anything up for Irish’s sister. Worse, he got off on the same floor we did and FOLLOWED US AROUND. Ding ding ding ding ding! Yup, the sleepover would be there. 😀

(Part of me hoped that Daniel Matsunaga would be there, but I figured that would be pushing my luck.)

In any case, we got to the room and when they opened, there were my friends and their babies with a HAPPY BIRTHDAY banner and cake and food.

crappy phone photo, but it contains SO MUCH HAPPINESS :D

crappy phone photo, but it contains SO MUCH HAPPINESS 😀

Part 2 tomorrow. 😀



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