A long weekend pt. 2

Picture before Leo left

Picture before Leo left

The unit, despite having two bedrooms, was small, but it was enough to house us. I seriously was stunned.

IMG_20141123_113959When I entered, Flora and Em were there holding out tiny gift bags. I thought that those were my gifts already because HOLY COW STAYCATION. At that point, I didn’t care that I wouldn’t be getting anything from my wishlist because I could just imagine how much this had cost them, but it turns out that inside those two tiny gift bags were an assortment of dark chocolates and pink pens for checking–BOTH of which were on my wishlist. I also got both a dark chocolate and milk chocolate birthday cakes and chocolate ice cream. They got the pizza I wanted (Brooklyn White Cheese pizza) for dinner. They got me this lovely framed message board with Instax pics of when I arrived. They also got me Lang Leav‘s Lullabies, which was something not on my list but something I told them about a week before my birthday.

We then spent the rest of the night chowing down on the best barbecue-on-stick and pizza and chips while catching up on each other’s lives. We even got to video chat with Anna who was very heavily pregnant in the US.



THIS, I tell you, is the best birthday present I could have ever ask for.

We are a growing family: Flora was the first to get hitched and have a baby–Audi. Em followed when she married Rommel, a constant “figure” in our group since college because of his shy courting of her. Baby Rui was a gift out of that union. Anna got married ahead of Ana, but it was the latter who met and got engaged to Leo, now her husband. Anna’s ready to pop Aleksey out of her womb any time soon. As for Irish and myself… well. We’re the last two single girls standing. 🙂

I love how we are all leading separate lives yet still able to regularly chat with each other and meet up (save for Anna).



Lunch after checking out at "Simple Lang" at the Ayala Triangle Gardens

Lunch after checking out at “Simple Lang” at the Ayala Triangle Gardens

Final pic before parting. Flora's husband Sunny is here!

Final pic before parting. Flora’s husband Sunny is here!

The Single Ladies

The Single Ladies


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